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Putin’s Visit to Japan – Not So Friendly “Friendly” Judo Sparring

The mid-December two-day visit of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, to Japan raised high expectations among many about the prospect of signing a peace treaty that is now 60 years overdue. Among other things, there was also high anticipation for the return of at least two of the four islands that Japan calls Northern Territories, and Russia calls the Kuril Islands, which Japanese consider “stolen” by Stalin at the very end of the WWII. The Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, went out of his way to make this visit “special” for his Russian guest, by arranging the first day to be spent in his hometown, Nagato, in the southern prefecture Yamaguchi of the main island Honshu – place, famous for its exquisite sake, hot springs and delicious food. The carefully planned schedule, with a pronounced demonstration of a personal hospitality touch by prime minister Abe, listed “relaxing” time in famous hot springs, and a feast with exotic traditional local food, including exquisite d

Why Japan's Shinzo Abe Should Rejoice Over Trump's Election Win

Why Japan’s Shinzo Abe Should Rejoice Over Trump’s Election Win COMMENTARY  by    Liubomir K. Topaloff @LuboTop   DECEMBER 5, 2016, 6:30 PM EST E-mail   Tweet   Facebook   Linkedin Share icons Japan just needs to play its cards well.  Last month, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe became the first head of government to visit the U.S. president-elect in his New York tower. It was a chance to establish a personal rapport, and to gauge more precisely where Donald Trump stands vis-a-vis Japan, China, North Korea, and issues surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership. In the months leading to the November election, Trump raised alarm in Japan by alluding that the country should arm itself with  nuclear weapons  in order to better protect itself against an unpredictable North Korea, and the regional  bulling  of a  rising  China. It may be premature to make any conclusions about the future from this unofficial meeting, but it is clear that the incomi

Political Economy of Trump’s Predictably Unpredictable Foreign Policy

In one of the most memorable scenes in Black Mass, Johny Depp portraying the notorious South Boston mobster James “Whitey” Bulger, demonstrates the extent of his personal and unpredictable power and control when in the middle of the dinner, he playfully and innocently asks his associate John Morris for the recipe of the steak he was just served. He then makes Morris and the rest of the company squirm in front of him in fear, until relaxing again and laughing out the tense atmosphere, but not without hinting that this might or might not be the last dramatic switch off his take on the situation. No one knows what he thinks, no one can predict what would be his next act. The fear that comes from the unpredictable behavior enhances his personal power. Not surprisingly, unpredictability is a frequent trait for characters in many fiction works, portraying how a leader establishes control in a zero-gravity environment. In an unstructured, anarchic environment, unpredictability

Участие по Би Ай Телевизия относно изследването ми на президентската институция в ЦИЕ след 1989

Първа Част ==================================== Втора Част ==================================== Трета Част

Участие по BiTV по повод заявката на Императора на Япония да абдикира

Part 1 ==================================== Part 2 =================================== Part 3

Участие при Силвия Великова по Би Ай Телевизия за Турция и ИДИЛ след неуспешния преврат там

How a Second Brexit Referendum Would Kill the EU

How a Second Brexit Referendum Would Kill the EU COMMENTARY  by    Liubomir K. Topaloff   JULY 3, 2016, 7:00 AM EDT E-mail   Tweet   Facebook   Linkedin Share icons EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (L) and EU Council President Donald Tusk (R) talk prior to give a press conference during a EU Summit meeting at the EU headquarters in Brussels on June 29, 2016.  Photograph by John Thys — AFP via Getty Images Even if the “leave” campaign won with just one vote, the results should still stand. Liubomir K. Topaloff is an associate professor of political science at the School of Political Science and Economics at Meiji University. The Brexit referendum results provoked an unprecedented upheaval. Within hours last Friday, a  petition  to the British Parliament called for a second referendum, and in just a week, over 4 million people have signed it, raising the hopes that not all is lost for the “remain” campaign. According to U.K. law, any petit

"I Was Drunk" is Not an Excuse for Stupid Acts. It Should't Be For Brexit's "Buyer's Remorse" Either!

Let UK Leave as a Lesson on Pseudo-Democracy, called Referendum!

Интервю то Би Ай Тевизия преди Брекзит референдума на 23ти юни 2016 | An Interview I gave for BiTelevision before the Brexit Referendum on June 23, 2016 (in Bulgarian)

Доц. Любомир Топалов: Независимо от изхода на референдума, той е сериозен удар върху ЕС Моника Панчева   20/06/2016 еМисия България   Остави коментар   232 Показвания Навлизаме в решаваща седмица за Великобритания и бъдещето ѝ в Европейския съюз. Какво е значението на първия референдум за напускане на ЕС и резултатите от него – коментира доц. Любомир Топалов, преподавател по Политически науки в университета Мейджи, Токио. „Това, което има значение, е, че ЕС се променя драстично и то не в добра посока, независимо какъв ще бъде изходът от референдума на 23 юни“, категоричен бе Топалов. По думите му Европейският съюз все повече се превръща в място, обхванато от най-различни кризи и проблеми.

Интервю то Би Ай Тевизия относно Европейската интеграция и процесите на радикализация | An Interview I gave for BiTelevision about the state of European Integration and the processes of radicalization (in Bulgarian)

Проф. Любомир Топалов: Интеграцията на ЕС е под въпрос Антония Апостолова   29/03/2016 еМисия България   Остави коментар   334 Показвания Западният свят все по-често се сблъсква с предразсъдъци, популизъм и радикализация, особено след атентатите в Париж и Брюксел. За тези предизвикателства пред обществата в Европа в еМисия България разговаряхме с проф. Любомир Топалов, преподавател по политически науки в японския университет Мейджи. Той се включи в предаването от Бостън, където в момента работи по мащабно изследване на популизма. Топалов има и дисертация на тема евроскептицизъм. ЕС претърпява много сериозна промяна през последните 25 години, заяви професорът, като