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                              Protesters on the Euromaidan, December 2013                              And so, the cards were laid down on the table. As Moscow has ordered its troops from Ukraine’s border to return back from “military exercise,” and we hear more about diplomacy, and less about military intervention, then the confrontation with Russia clearly begins to disentangle. There should be no doubt that the West (i.e. U.S.) has managed to push Mr. Putin into the corner with not to many options left. But what is at stake, and how was it bargained? In my opinion one should look far beyond the current geographic focus of the conflict. But to understand how far and why, a necessary prelude is necessary (spoiler alert; if you don’t care about elaborations and bla-bla, scroll down directly to the last two paragraphs). Ukraine was, sort of speaking, the Full House President Obama pulled in the game just when Mr. Putin was finally getting a grip of his own game